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July 30, 2020

A sit down chat with NOVA Partners’ Health and Wellbeing Coach 


This year we have seen more than we could have ever expected. Floods, fires and a pandemic are what many Australians have faced in the first half of the year. With all of these events occurring, it’s no wonder that Australians are becoming increasingly stressed and worried. Lifeline recognises that the isolating that is required from us during this time “can contribute to feelings of helplessness and fear.”

At NOVA Partners, we too recognise the increasing pressures and stresses that are occurring, particularly when it comes to your career. Lara Ryan, our Health and Wellbeing Coach has helped many of our candidates navigate such unprecedented times. Here are some of Lara’s insights so far…

How do you think COVID has impacted people that have been made redundant differently to those in the past?
“Being made redundant in COVID times presents both opportunities and challenges. For those looking for work the workplace has changed, many companies are experiencing big rearrangements of their staff, some are being cautious in taking on new staff, while others need staff desperately to help them pivot into internet or delivery based businesses. There are also added challenges in looking for work; interviews are being done online via digital meetings and for those who secure a job many are starting in a ‘work from home’ situation which is a challenging way to get to know your new role and colleagues. Not to mention the added changes in home environments as partners and children also work from home.”

What are the key health issues that COVID has created generally?
“The trends I am seeing for candidates is a real increase in the anxiety of getting back into the workforce, there is concern they will need to take a role that would be considered a ‘step down’ rather than being able to use their redundancy as an opportunity for career growth.

I am also noticing that maintaining career self-confidence is a challenge as many of us have been working from home for several months now and have lost the rhythm and emotional boost that spending the day in a work place with colleagues can bring. There is also a increased stress load for many candidates as they try to balance family and home life in changing and more intense times.”

What do you think are the 3 most important health and wellbeing areas that candidates should focus on?
“The three most important areas that candidates should focus on to support their health and wellness are keeping to a consistent daily schedule; Waking and getting up at a regular time, as well as going to bed at their normal ‘work day time’. Getting good sleep is so important for health and clarity of mind. Eating good meals at regular times and avoiding skipping meals or having more sugary snacks will keep blood sugar balanced to reduce anxiety and keep moods and energy stable. Getting outside and finding opportunities to be social is great for both physical health and emotional wellbeing and perspective.

What are the indicators that an individual should look out for to signal for help?
“If you are experiencing a change in energy levels, concentration and memory, if your mood is changing and your experiencing over thinking or thoughts that are not usual for you. If your finding yourself over sensitive and short tempered. If you are experiencing an increase in anxiety or sadness. If your sleep is disturbed, appetite has changed and you are feeling an increase in aches and pains in your body.

I would encourage anyone who was experiencing more serious physical symptoms to also enlist the support of their GP.”

Post attending a wellness session, what can candidates expect in terms of outcomes?
Candidates who have utilized these sessions are reporting that they have experienced a reduction in the their anxiety, they have been able to think more clearly to focus on the job search ahead, they have greater clarity in their plans for the future and have been able to reset and reorganize themselves and their families in these changing times to lighten the load of overwhelm and feel more like themselves again.”


Do not feel afraid to reach out. Even though it may feel as though you are going through this alone. You are not. There are a variety of services available to you to help you manage your emotions and rediscover the joys that 2020 may bring.

Lara Ryan is NOVA Partner’s experienced Health and Wellbeing Coach. After 20 years in Marketing and Education in the Natural Health profession, stepping back into one on one clinical practice with people Lara can support and guide has been incredibly rewarding. Lara knows that candidates are being well supported by their consultant in terms of career direction so she is able to fully focus on their health, energy and wellbeing. You can also find out more about Lara here at The Best Medicine.   


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