Career Transition Services

Change is part of life, including our business life.

At NOVA Partners we are Career Management specialists. Our skilled team can assist you with change and deliver clear, logical action plans and strategies that achieve your business goals.

We will partner with you to ensure your unique conditions are understood and your plans are tailored for maximum effectiveness, minimal disruption and successful outcomes.

Most importantly, we will ‘place your people first’ and ensure their career transition journey is positive and fulfilling; in line with your corporate social responsibility and company values.

We can assist with:

  • Change Management
  • Project Management
  • Redeployment and Career Development
  • Outplacement and Career Transition Services
    1. Announcement Day Training and Support
    2. Individual Tailored Programs
    3. Functional or Business Group Programs
    4. Career Coaching
    5. Building Resilience
  • Job Support Career Centres

We will provide positive, cost effective, inventive solutions that deliver results to your team.

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Why choose us?

Our professional, friendly, confidential and results-orientated team have delivered to small, niche businesses, government and large multinational public and private companies. Our experience includes manufacturing, retail, utilities, resources, construction, education, technology and financial sectors across metropolitan and regional Australia.

We will:

  • tailor our services to your individual needs
  • travel to you throughout Australia
  • provide cost effective packages that deliver quality solutions
  • act quickly and confidentially
  • deliver exceptional customer service to you and your team
  • provide access to our “Placing People First” technology platforms

NOVA Partners – Placing People First