I Was Made Redundant. What Do I Do Now?

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March 5, 2020

I’ve been made redundant – now what?

It’s that word that you never thought would be directed at you. Or maybe you have been hoping that you would be the next to go.

In fact, redundancy is not as catastrophic as one may think. It certainly isn’t unusual in the workplace. These days it is just another part of life and increasingly so across many industries.

Only last year, 2019, in Australia 272,500 positions were made redundant as recorded by ABS. Emphasis on the word position here and no, you are certainly not alone.

It is important to remember though that it was the role that was made redundant, not you!

People react differently to being made redundant, and this is normal. There are no rules on how you must feel and none on how you cope with this news.

Some people may hear this word and think positive things. They think of the exciting opportunities ahead, the chance to break out of an industry and try something different or maybe even retire.

But some people see redundancy as a negative. Some think that it is a reflection on themselves. Their confidence shatters. They loved their job, and now it is gone. Work is a big part of a person’s life and identity, and it is okay to grieve this loss.

If you are going through redundancy, don’t be afraid to speak out and get help. Talking to people can often help identify opportunities available and reaching out to your network is vital. You never know who might have a role available or be able to help with tips or introductions. Most people like to help, so be brave and reach out, even to those people you may not have seen or worked with in years.

This is the ideal time for some self -reflection. Consider breaking out of an industry if it’s time for a change. You could try something completely different and perhaps find a new role to which you are better suited. Don’t hold yourself back because you are afraid of lacking industry experience or because of your age. Do some research, get in touch with your network, identify the skills you have that are transferable, and use that to advantage.

In all, redundancy is not something to be afraid of. View it as a Lotto win that could open new doors and get excited by that prospect. And above all, stay calm and remind yourself of the value and skills that you bring.


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