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Life Does Not Get Better By Chance
It Gets Better By Change

At work, as in life, the only constant is change. The Career Transition and Outplacement team at NOVA  Partners specialises in Career Management so our skilled team can assist you with your specific change requirements and deliver clear, logical action plans and strategies that help you achieve your business goals.

We will partner with you to understand your unique conditions so we can tailor your plans to be effective for your business dynamic, causing minimal disruption and maximum success.

Most importantly, we prioritise Placing People First and ensure their career transition journey is positive and fulfilling; in line with your corporate social responsibility and company values.

We Value Candidate Feedback

“ I’m in HR and selling myself was a struggle originally but my meetings with MJ really helped me be able to improve on selling myself and giving me some of my lost confidence back because she helped me remind me of my skills and assets. I ended up being inundated with interviews, I had 9 in one week. After the first meeting in person, I had lots of phone conversations with MJ which was really helpful as she always had the time for me and be my sounding board. But I honestly think from my perspective its realizing people should reach out sooner. Especially because of my background being in HR and recruitment, I didn’t think that I would need help in the job search process, when I really did. For other people, it would be better if they reach out in the first month rather than waiting as long as I did."

Candidate Feedback 2019

“ My career coach also gave great advice that I wouldn’t have received inside an organization about it being good to enquire about a company in regard to my situation and circumstances. He was a source of great motivation and provided a different, HR perspective on what had happened. My career coach also gave a lot of great tips and tricks along the way. I think because there is no such thing whether you are working to have the opportunity to look at yourself and get this sort of feedback and advice. To you as an individual it is not often offered. But I found it to be very helpful."

Candidate Feedback 2019

“ What I told Andrea with feedback is that by engaging and talking to her, it encouraged me to keep going. When you lose your job, your confidence gets hit and you question credibility a lot and it was nice to have that reassurance from her to keep encouraging me. The way I look at her is a mentor figure and she was very good with that role and I found the sessions to be good. I would always rate NOVA Partner’s services very highly as they have been so useful to me and when people are mentally distressed it is extremely beneficial for a person to have these sessions provided."

Candidate Feedback 2019

“ I think I was a bit worried, as I’m a little older, that I would not be able to get back into the workforce, especially with having no experience of applying for a job formally. After speaking with Mary about this, she helped to build up my confidence."

Candidate Feedback 2020

“ I think the level of professionalism and knowledge and experience that Karla had was beneficial. I was given the opportunity to explore broad capabilities, summarize my strengths and update my resume and cover letter as well as interview practices."

Candidate Feedback 2020

“ Having someone to talk to and be able to bounce ideas off someone was helpful. Especially as I was looking to go into a lower role and was finding it difficult to simplify my resume to make sense for the work that I wanted and the advice give to me worked because I now have two new jobs."

Candidate Feedback 2019

“ My experience with NOVA Partners was far in excess with the quality of the service and what I gained from the meetings. It was a brilliant experience right down to when I first walked in to the offices and was sitting in the waiting room where it was very friendly and welcoming."

Candidate Feedback 2020

“I would definitely recommend NOVA Partners. I feel lucky to have gotten a job with the help from NOVA Partners. I am 62 years old and it’s sad to say that there is ageism in applications. There’s a bit of ageism out there and for the older ones they need more time as I need more time to learn how to overcome barriers and pick up things. "

Candidate Feedback 2019

“ The most beneficial part was just sitting with the consultant and going through my strengths. It gave me the confidence to go and find a job. Weird to say, but it gave me the get up and go that I needed at the time as I was quite down when I found out I was made redundant. "

Candidate Feedback 2019

We Make It Easy For You

NOVA Partners Career Management team is innovative, responsive and results-driven. We partner with clients; we listen to your needs, provide innovative solutions, challenge thinking, offer flexible and results-focused solutions and we are always on hand to support, respond and facilitate. Proudly, we are an Australian business with a diverse team of specialists to inspire and deliver across large and small, public and private sector businesses and organisations.


Career Transition Programs-Non-Traditional

NOVA Partners is renowned for Career Management innovation in Australia – we know one size doesn’t fit all and can customise programs to suit your business and team needs which provides results for today’s diverse workforces. Ask us about our “Options Program”

Employee Redeployment

We provide strategic and operational advice and work with our clients on internal redeployment providing assistance on internal roles and one on one support with resumes, internal applications and interviewing to maximise team member confidence and desired business outcomes. 

Virtual Career Transition Programs

Technology allows NOVA Partners  to support employees 1:1 throughout Australia through a variety of virtual mediums such as Skype, Zoom, and FaceTime to name a few. This, combined with our “Placing People First” Technology, allows NOVA Partners to be available 24/7 

Job Seeker Workshops & SeminarsNOVA Partners offers practical, interactive workshops tailored to client and employee needs. Participants can be guided on skills identification, resume writing, job search and interview techniques – at the end of our workshop individuals will be ready to embark on their job search.


Managing Change Programs

We Partner with you to design and implement Managing Change Programs. These are tailored to our clients’ needs, everything we do is underpinned by a flexible and tailored approach for each organisation, this includes: logistics, communication strategies, and working with your team to deliver their message.

Resilience Programs – for those who are staying

Your continuous workforce is a vital part of Change Management. 

NOVA Partners offers a range of workforce resilience programs to employees who are staying during change to maintain optimism and to engage the existing workforce

Career Transition Programs Traditional - Virtual

Our personalised approach delivers traditional 1:1 individualised career transition programs combined with resources and our customised on-line technology  in the ever changing world of work.

NOVA Outplacement works with both Operational and Salaried individuals  

Retirement Programs

Lifestyle, emotional and financial goal setting are vital components of a happy retirement or transition to retirement. Our programs help with retirement planning, health and wellbeing, plus financial guidance and can be incorporated into our Career Transition Programs.

Career Coaching & Career Development

Career Coaching and Development with NOVA Partners enables participants to talk openly, frankly and confidentially to set goals and design pathways to achieve career milestones, with confidence and specialist support.

Executive Coaching

Are you ready for your next business and career challenges?  NOVA Partners specialist Executive Coaching will encourage, support and challenge you to set and achieve your business and personal career goals in a confidential, trusted partnership. 


Why Choose Us

Our professional, friendly, confidential and results-orientated team have delivered to small, niche businesses, government and large multinational public and private companies. Our experience includes manufacturing, retail, utilities, resources, construction, education, technology and financial sectors across metropolitan and regional Australia and New Zealand.

We tailor our services to your individual needs

We travel to you throughout Australia and New Zealand

We act quickly and confidently

We’ll provide cost effective packages that deliver quality solutions

We deliver exceptional customer service to you and your team

Access to our ‘Placing People First‘ technology platforms


“ I can highly recommend NOVA Partners for career transition, career coaching and outplacement support services. I have had the pleasure of knowing & working with Liz Crowe in a professional capacity for over 20 years and believe she is the best in the business."

Natasha Bakker, Executive Manager – HR, Melbourne Cricket Club

"I have worked with Nova Partners, Liz Crowe and her wonderful support services for the last decade. I cannot rate their services more highly. They always provide support with care, integrity and innovation, meeting the needs of individual clients and maintaining excellent communications and reporting. I recommend Nova Partners to you."

Marilyn Smith, Head of HR Australasia, Brookfield Asset Management (Retired) 

"I have worked with Liz and the team at NOVA Partners for over 5 years. NOVA Partners have a real understanding of our organisation and culture and always deliver to meet and exceed our expectations. Liz is personally driven to make a positive difference in all that she does and her work ethic reflect our organisational values of integrity and respect. Electrolux have only benefited in our relationship with NOVA Partners and in their years of valuable experience within the industry. I would not hesitate to recommend Liz and the team to any of my networks."

Karen Hirst, Director – HR & Organisational Development, Electrolux


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