Practical Health and Wellbeing Tips for Managing Career and Financial Change in 2020

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August 17, 2020

A sit down chat with NOVA Partners’ Health and Wellbeing Coach 


As we are currently experiencing a different world due to COVID-19 many of us are certainly experiencing a shift in our careers and finances.

Our Health and Wellbeing Coach, Lara, has provided some great advice to us on navigating these changes to help us get through these often-challenging times. Here is what she had to say…

How do financial concerns impact a person’s health?
“Financial concerns can keep us awake at night, have us overthinking as we review plans for the future and even create conflict with the significant other people in our lives as we attempt to work through the worries and come to a solution. 

Financial worries chip away at our joy and excitement for the future as many of the plans we had may have to be put on the back burner until we are in more stable times. 

They can also create a huge change to our lifestyle and our feelings of safety and security in our lives.”

For candidates considering a change in career direction, what advice would you give to manage this change?
“First get clear with yourself on what you would really like to do. 
Also think of the possible approached or career steps that could get you there. If you can’t go directly into what you want what other avenues are there to head you in the right direction? Gather all the career experience you have had, big or small, and think of the networks you have created and the projects you have been involved with in your past roles. How can these be highlighted and utilised as you change career direction?

Talk to others in the industry or profession you would like to move into and work with your Nova consultant to tailor your CV with your new focus in mind. 

Be prepared that it may take time to break into a new area so work out where you are financially to be able to allow for his time. Continue to look after yourself and cultivate a positive mindset as you explore new avenues.

How are the wellness sessions you provide to candidates personalised?
“Every wellness session is completely personalised. We talk very openly and confidentially. The conversation is led by all the factors that are going on in a candidate’s life and we take a holistic approach to managing all these aspects. We may discuss diet and lifestyle, pre-existing health conditions, sleep hygiene, mood, and mental health and just the everyday demands of life that can make it difficult to keep your own wellness and good health in check.

What are the indicators that an individual should look out for to signal for help?
“If you are experiencing a change in energy levels, concentration and memory or, if your mood is changing and your experiencing over thinking or thoughts that are not usual for you. If your finding yourself over sensitive and short tempered. If you are experiencing an increase in anxiety or sadness. If your sleep is disturbed, appetite has changed and you are feeling an increase in aches and pains in your body.

I would encourage anyone who was experiencing more serious physical symptoms to also enlist the support of their GP.”

Post attending a wellness session, what can candidates expect in terms of outcomes?
Candidates who have utilised these sessions are reporting that they have experienced a reduction in the their anxiety, they have been able to think more clearly to focus on the job search ahead, they have greater clarity in their plans for the future and have been able to reset and reorganize themselves and their families in these changing times to lighten the load of feeling overwhelmed and starting to feel more like themselves again.”

Do not feel afraid to reach out. Even though it may feel as though you are going through this alone. You are not. There are a variety of services available to you to help you through this transition period.

Lara Ryan is NOVA Partner’s experienced Health and Wellbeing Coach. After 20 years in Marketing and Education in the Natural Health profession, stepping back into one on one clinical practice with people Lara can support and guide has been incredibly rewarding. Lara knows that candidates are being well supported by their consultant in terms of career direction so she is able to fully focus on their health, energy and wellbeing. You can also find out more about Lara here at The Best Medicine.   


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